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What You Need To Do in a Bicycle Accident

It is hard enough to be safe on the road but even more so when you’re on a bike.  It is important to be prepared for an accident This is why you need a hit and run lawyer in Los Angeles.

Here are some tips on what to do in a bicycle hit and run.

Just Wait for the Police

It is not only a smart thing to do, but you are legally obligated to stay at the scene where the accident happened.  There is a chance that somebody involved will have injuries and you will not find that out if you flee the scene.

Do Not Do It On Your Own

There is often some talk that occurs between the people in the accident before the police arrive.  A verbal agreement does not always work and everything needs to be legally documented. Sometimes it’s hard to know what happens when a car hits bike and you do not know whose fault it is.

Get All The Information

Make sure that you get all the necessary information from everyone involved in the accident.  This also includes checking if there was anyone there that witnessed the accident and can attest to what happened.  

Be Hyper Observant

It is important to try to remember everything possible when getting into an accident.  You should include all the details, even if you think they will not be relevant. There is a chance that those details will be relevant down the road.  These details will help your hit and run lawyer in Los Angeles.

Give the Police Your Side of the Story

Unfortunately, sometimes the police do not get both sides of the story.  That is why you need to make sure that you get the police’s attention and tell your version of the events that happened.  If you are unable to do this, get in touch with whoever has the report and get it modified.

Get Medical Attention and Keep the Evidence

It is extremely important to get medical attention and document it, no matter how severe the injury is.  Keep everything the exact same way that it is because this can get you more incentives. This will especially help if a cyclist is hit by uninsured driver.

Do Not Consult Insurance Until You See a Professional

It is always important to talk to a hit and run lawyer in Los Angeles before you talk to the insurance companies.  Insurance companies can be shady and you may not be getting the whole story from them.  Everybody has the same rights in an accident and it is important to remember that.

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