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Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers for Pedestrians Struck by Cars

For the Most Catastrophic Injuries, Call Personal Injury Attorneys with a Personal Approach

We have the investigative resources of a large law firm but our two lead attorneys handle every case our firm takes. This means that if you or your loved one has been struck by a car while in a Los Angeles crosswalk or on a city street, you will have experienced attorneys on your side from the start to the resolution of your case. Call us for a free consultation about your pedestrian accident and speak directly with a knowledgeable attorney.

Pedestrian crashes are tragically common. They often involve catastrophic injuries and may even involve hit-and-run drivers. By performing a thorough analysis of your case and calling on the appropriate independent investigators and medical experts, we will seek to maximize your compensation.

You should not have to struggle with medical bills, lost wages, uncertainty about the future and pain and suffering. Responsible parties must be held accountable.

If you are trying to recover from serious injuries or you are grieving the wrongful death of a loved one, let us deal with insurance companies, opposing counsel, police investigators, eyewitnesses and others who may play a part in the case. You can focus on recovery.

Pursue Maximum Compensation with Aggressive Lawyers as your Allies

If you face life-changing injuries after a pedestrian accident, you must have aggressive lawyers as your allies. Paralysis, traumatic brain injury, disfigurement and even amputation may result if you have been hit by a car.

To ensure that you get a fair settlement, call our attorneys. We will analyze your long and short-term needs and seek the maximum amount available. There is no reason to let an insurance company or other party avoid full accountability. Your financial and medical well-being will be our priority if you reach out to us for help.

Our two attorneys are proven advocates for people from throughout Los Angeles and are also graduates of two of the most respected universities in the United States: Harvard Law School and Pepperdine.

In addition to these qualifications, they are dedicated to each and every client they represent. By offering personal service and developing legal strategies tailor-made for each client’s individual circumstances, our legal team is dedicated to doing everything possible to alleviate the stress that injured clients are often under.

By communicating clearly, by answering questions and truly listening to client concerns, we try to distinguish ourselves. While we are compassionate with clients, we are aggressive with opponents.

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