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Dog Attacks and Animal Bite Cases Require Aggressive Lawyers


You may be experiencing excruciating pain as the result of a dog bite. You may be permanently disfigured and psychologically scarred for life. Worse, you may see your elderly relative or child suffering through the pain of a dog attack. If you are struggling through the aftermath of a dog bite, our Los Angeles attorneys handle dog bite lawsuits and are prepared to help you. We will be aggressive and relentless as we hold the dog owner or animal’s caretaker responsible.

An animal’s teeth and claws are dangerous weapons. You may have no time to react before an animal attacks and inflicts physical and psychological damage. The dog’s owner must be held accountable and their homeowners’ insurance may be the source of compensation for your injuries.

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Throughout Southern California, Dog Bites Cause Tremendous Pain and Anguish

Southern California experiences a very high number of dog bite injuries each year. Many of the victims are children. Although our personal injury lawyers cannot erase the damage done by a dog bite, we can fight for the long and short-term compensation that you and your family deserve. Our goal will be to obtain maximum compensation for you or your loved one so that you do not have to worry about:

  • Medical costs associated with the dog attack
  • Lost wages as the result of doctors’ appointments
  • The need for long-term counseling to overcome the psychological impact

We handle the most complex personal injury cases and, often, dog bite cases can become extremely complex: a dog owner may blame the victim; an insurance company may refuse to offer fair, or any, compensation; a dog owner may be difficult to identify. We can deal with all challenges of these cases and we only collect attorneys’ fees if we win. You have nothing to lose and much to gain by calling us to discuss your legal challenges.

We have the resources, legal experience and knowledge of the insurance claims process to help you. You do not have to suffer alone. Aggressive and experienced personal injury lawyers are on your side.

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