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Elder Abuse

Attorneys for Abused Senior Citizens in Los Angeles

We are attorneys for abused senior citizens in Los Angeles. If you or a loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, we know how to hold accountable those responsible for the abuse. We will pursue maximum compensation from those who have caused your suffering. Call our attorneys for a free consultation. We will offer a free analysis of your situation and we will be completely candid about the merits of your case. If we represent you, we will be aggressive advocates and apply our considerable resources and experience to the resolution of your lawsuit.

Aggressive Lawyers for Elder Abuse Litigation

No matter what legal and medical challenges you are facing, our lawyers may be able to help your family demand a fair settlement from an abuser. Our lawyers know how to pursue maximum compensation for the injustice your family has suffered. Such compensation may be needed for medical treatment including appointments with specialists, pain and suffering, lost wages if an employed loved-one missed work to care for a victim of elder abuse. In the most tragic situations, wrongful death, we are prepared to seek maximum compensation.

Though our goal will be to obtain a fair settlement, if a trial is necessary, we will use our considerable resources to pursue your case and argue for fair compensation in court. To pursue the desired settlement or verdict, we will use independent investigators, specialized physicians, and others experts to help us make your case. For aggressive advocacy, call the Power Legal Group.

Unfortunately, the list of possible ways a senior citizen might be mistreated is very long. We are prepared for any situation including those not listed below. Elder abuse is often the result of negligent, reckless or abusive treatment at assisted living facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers or other similar facilities. But elder abuse can happen anywhere. Lawyers at the Power Legal Group are prepared to help your family pursue justice and maximum compensation if your loved one has been mistreated.

Bed sores from negligent nursing care
Broken limbs
Financial abuse
Malnutrition and dehydration
Psychological abuse, verbal torment and intimidation
Sexual abuse
Contact us for a candid conversation about your challenges. We often are successful with cases that other lawyers turn down. Regardless of how difficult your situation may seem, we have the power to help,

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