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Unsafe Conditions at a Store, Shopping Mall or other Establishment Can lead to Catastrophe – Contact Expert Personal Injury Attorneys Today

If you or one of your family members suffered an accident on someone else’s property, our attorneys have answers to your premises liability questions. Whoever owns or operates that property is liable if they did not maintain a safe environment for visitors. If you have fallen in a grocery store, been exposed to toxic fumes at a gas station, have suffered lacerations from shattered glass at a restaurant or been injured in any other way, call us for a free consultation.

During your free consultation, you will meet with one of our two lead attorneys. To get answers and to receive sound legal advice, you must consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer who knows how to pursue justice in premises liability cases.

You may be especially concerned if you are elderly and suffered a fall, or you are disabled and suffered a slip at a retail establishment, or you have a child who has been injured while on someone else’s property. No matter what legal complexities you face, call our aggressive and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers.

The business owner may refuse to acknowledge their error. An insurance company may do everything possible to avoid paying on your claim. You may even get blamed for you injuries and accused of fraud. We know how to counter these strategies and put pressure on those who caused you harm. If they will not settle for a fair amount, we will fight them at trial.

You Owe us Nothing Unless we Win your Premises Liability Case

We may need to collect video surveillance from the business. We may need to consult with construction engineers to assess whether or not a building was up to code. We may call upon a wide variety of expert investigators to study the intricate details of your case in order to prove that you deserve fair compensation. Many times a formal letter from our attorneys will be all that is needed to get a fair settlement. But other times, our legal team must invest considerable time and resources to make your claim. Rest assured: you owe us nothing unless we win your premises liability case.

Because we accept premises liability cases on contingency, we offer candid assessments. If filing a lawsuit against the offending party is possible, we will be relentless in pursuit of your goals. If we take your case, you can be confident in our ability to win. But if you contact us and we perform an evaluation of your case and decide not to represent you, you will still be given advice for your next best legal options. You have absolutely nothing to lose by calling us now.

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