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Our attorneys have an intense focus on serious injury cases and high-complexity litigation. Serious injuries and complex litigation often result from crashes that involve commercial truck accidents. If you have been injured or you are grieving the loss of a loved one as the result of a truck crash in California, attorneys with particular skills, resources and experience are necessary. These resources must also be combined with total commitment to winning. Call us for the attorneys you need.

With access to accident-scene investigators, automotive engineers, specialized medical doctors and other experts, we will rely upon all of our considerable resources and legal experience to pursue compensation on your behalf. And we collect nothing unless we win. Call us now if you want aggressive attorneys on your side for lawsuits involving tractor-trailer, commercial truck and 18-wheeler crashes.

These cases typically involve serious property damage and serious injuries. There are few minor truck accidents. Call us for any type of truck injury case including the following:

Commercial trucks
Municipal and county trucks that caused injury and damage
Rental truck accidents
Utility company trucks that have crashed into your property and caused injury
Whether you were on a bike, in a car, riding a motorcycle or you were a pedestrian, if you have been involved in a truck accident, we can help you. These cases may involve large organizations and their insurance companies that refuse to compensate victims. Contact us for a free consultation and we can explain how we can maximize your compensation.

Truck Accidents may Involve Particular Legal Challenges

The truck may be owned by a company that is based outside of California or outside of the United States. Multiple vehicles may have been involved. Truck operator and maintenance records may have to be reviewed. Expert witnesses may have to be called to determine if the truck’s load was secured, if the vehicle had any manufacturer defects, or there were any other signs that can determine liability.

If we represent you, you will have two highly-skilled and aggressive attorneys on your side who will personally handle your case. Our two lead attorneys are your attorneys. Any time you have questions or concerns about developments in your case, you will have experienced legal allies on your side who will fight for maximum compensation for you.

We represent injury victims in Los Angeles from all walks of life and all backgrounds. We are absolutely committed to your legal rights if you have been injured. Whether you are truck driver or you have been injured by one, call us for help and guidance to maximize your compensation.

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