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If you have been injured on a Southern California roadway, you may need legal assistance to get the settlement you deserve. Our auto accident attorneys are available to assist you after any type of car accident or motor vehicle crash. But if your injuries were the result of an automotive defect, you must call aggressive personal injury lawyers who will stand up to huge vehicle manufacturers. Our attorneys have the resources to defend your rights and relentlessly pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

An automotive injury that was caused by another driver has its own legal complexities for which we are prepared. An insurance company may refuse to pay fair compensation after a car accident. We know how to fight back.

But when a massive car, motorcycle or truck manufacturer is in part or wholly responsible for your injuries, they may aggressively fight to avoid taking responsibility. Admitting manufacturer liability is something they will deny with all of their might. With the right attorneys on your side, you can force them to do what is right if their product has caused you injury. We know how to fight back for you.

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Automotive Defects are not Always the Obvious Cause of a Crash

You may have been injured in a crash and believe that your rate of speed made braking in time impossible. Or your accident may appear to be caused strictly by another driver’s irresponsible behavior. Many times an accident is made worse because an auto manufacturer failed to prioritize safety. A tire company may have produced a product below reasonable standards. A faulty steering column may have made your accident impossible to avoid or made your injuries worse. Attorneys with access to leading accident-scene investigators are crucial for such cases. We have access to the types of specialists necessary to make the most compelling case possible for you:

  • Automotive parts engineers who can determine faulty manufacturing
  • Investigators to study property damage, skid marks, and other evidence to find the truth
  • Medical experts who can analyze the cause of injuries and determine the best treatments

You may believe that your car accident case is straightforward but you may be missing key evidence that will help you get justice and compensation for your suffering. Our experienced lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve from all parties responsible for your injuries and losses. This may involve filing suit against another driver, an insurance company or even the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Call us to fight for what you deserve.

For answers to your questions, for guidance through the insurance claims process and for skilled attorneys who will pursue justice on your behalf, call us as soon as possible so we can get to work. Our goal will be to get maximum compensation for you whether at trial or through settlement. And no matter how many resources we expend and how much time it takes, you owe us nothing unless we win.

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