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Some large Southern California law firms advertise as if you will be represented by their most experienced lawyers. Some of these big impersonal law firms in Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout the Southland may have dozens or hundreds of lawyers. You may never meet their most experienced lawyers. At our firm, our lead attorneys are always your attorneys. By having our team on your side, you will have lawyers who provide powerful advocacy and who have a relentless commitment to winning.

Our lawyers treat each case as a priority. Our lawyers listen to client concerns and create legal strategies appropriate for the client’s goal. There is no simple legal formula that should be forced onto each case. We combine powerful advocacy with a relentless commitment to winning.

Careful attention should be paid to the details of your situation and the goals you want to achieve. By contacting Best Accident Attorney Bobby Yaghoubian at Southern California’s Power Legal Group, you will have experienced allies who will take the time to listen to you and respond to your concerns in straightforward and clear ways.

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No matter the extent of your injuries or how challenging you think your case may be, call for a free consultation to get an honest analysis of your legal situation. Because our law firm only takes cases on contingency, this means that we collect nothing unless we win your case. Because of this, we will be totally honest with you about the possibilities of success. But even if your case seems unwinnable, or even if another law firm has already turned you down, call us for answers. We may be able to represent you when no one else will.

Attorney Bobby Yaghoubian is a graduate of Pepperdine University Law School. He has the academic background you would expect of a proven lawyer. But he also has the practical experience necessary to challenge large insurance companies and other adversaries who will not offer fair compensation for injury victims. Additionally, he believes that personal attention is the best way to represent clients. Call the Power Legal Group attorneys for a clear and careful analysis of your case. There is no substitute for having experienced and knowledgeable lawyers on your side.

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