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If you are an insured motorist in California and you are hit by a car that flees the scene of an accident, you may need to rely upon your uninsured motorist coverage to get compensation. If the driver who caused your injuries fled the scene, your own insurance should cover your expenses since the offending driver is gone. A hit-and-run accident is particularly unsettling if your own insurance company won’t do what’s right. If you have been involved in a hit-and -run car collision, call the personal injury lawyers at the Power Legal Group. We know how to get results in these challenging cases.

Los Angeles has an extremely high number of these types of crashes each year. If you have been involved in such an accident while you were driving your car, were a pedestrian, riding a bike or on a motorcycle, you are not alone. And you do not have to stand up for your legal rights alone either.

Contact a personal injury law firm dedicated to the most challenging cases: the Power Legal Group.

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When you reach out to us after a catastrophe, you will meet with our most seasoned attorneys. Our two founding lawyers handle every case our firm takes. Because hit-and-run cases can be so complex, contact us as soon as possible so we can compile evidence and begin fighting for your rights. In these cases, your own insurance company may turn into an enemy and refuse to compensate you especially if the injuries you suffered are significant. Or, your insurance company may cover some of your costs under your uninsured motorist coverage but you may still be under-insured.

We will work closely with police and with investigators that we hire to find the offending driver. If that is impossible, we may still be able to pursue the maximum amount of compensation for you. If your insurer denies or delays your claim, we will aggressively negotiate with them. If they still will not honor their obligations, we will face them at trial.

When insurance companies will not pay on claims, when your own insurance coverage is not enough to cover your injuries or when the driver who caused the crash had no insurance or left the scene, call our attorneys for the aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation you need. We are on your side in even the most complicated legal challenges.

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