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Bus Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles for Pedestrians and Motorists

Attorneys for Pedestrians, Motorists and Other People Struck by Busses

Bus accidents that cause injury to passengers are rare, but when they do happen, they can be extremely serious. While our personal injury lawyers handle such cases, we also represent people who are more likely to be injured by busses: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycle riders and people driving their cars. Collisions involving municipal and privately owned busses are quite common throughout Los Angeles and when they happen, bus operators may try to deny culpability. Our accident attorneys know what questions to ask, how to coordinate independent investigations and how to present evidence in a light most favorable to our clients.

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Personal Injury Lawyers for Victims of Bus Collisions in Southern California

A bus collision in Southern California must be handled very precisely yet aggressively. The specifics of the crash must be determined. This may include studying weather conditions at the time of the crash, road conditions and who is responsible for maintaining them, interviewing eyewitnesses, analyzing the health and competency of the driver, the maintenance and manufacture of the vehicle, accuracy of the police report and the demands of the insurance companies: all of these details make California bus accidents highly complex. For highly skilled and experienced lawyers for this complex area of the law, contact the Power Legal Group.

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You may have been struck by a bus while you were driving your car or you may have been injured in a tour bus accident while traveling across California; you may have been injured as a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcycle operator by an LA city bus; a California school bus driver may have caused harm to one of your children. In some cases, a bus parts manufacturer may be in part or completely responsible for your injuries. We are prepared for these scenarios and many more.

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