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Our Attorneys Have a Rare Approach to Personal Injury Litigation in Southern California

LA Personal Injury Lawyer Bobby Yaghoubian started the Power Legal Group because he wanted to have a Los Angeles law firm that offered aggressive representation combined with personalized service. They are dedicated to serving all of the people of Southern California from all walks of life and pursuing maximum compensation in every case they take. If you need aggressive attorneys committed to getting you the most compensation possible, call the Power Legal Group.

From whiplash caused by a fender-bender on the 405 to a traumatic brain injury suffered at a California construction site, there is no case too small and no case too large and complex for the Power Legal Group. If you need attorneys who will be completely committed to your cause, contact us now. We will:

  • Aggressively pursue favorable out-of-court settlements but always prepare for a trial
  • Demand maximum compensation from all parties responsible for your injuries so you can replace your car, get compensation for pain and suffering and regain your life
  • Never collect any fees unless we win your personal injury lawsuit
  • Represent you no matter where you are in Southern California: From Malibu to San Diego and Compton to Riverside, we are your allies
  • Meet with you in your home, in the hospital or other location convenient for you

Our lead attorneys are your attorneys. Call us now to see how aggressive and personalized service can work for you.

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Vast Resources to Invest in your Car Accident, Slip and Fall or Other Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuits typically involve an insurance company refusing to pay fair compensation to an injury victim. Large organizations and businesses like those that insure motorists, manufacture cars, own grocery store chains, or own and maintain apartment buildings will often do all they can to avoid admitting responsibility when someone is injured on their premises, using their product or “covered” by their insurance. These companies have teams of attorneys fighting to protect their economic interests. We know how to fight back for your best interests.

You may be recovering from serious injuries, you may be out of work and you may have countless worries related to your suffering. If you are seeking peace of mind that comes from having aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys on your side, call us. We have vast resources to invest in your car accident, slip and fall or other injury lawsuit and we only collect attorneys’ fees if we win your case.

If you have legal questions, we have answers. If an accident scene requires a thorough independent analysis, we have expert accident-scene investigators to call upon. If your medical challenges require specialized treatment or diagnosis, we have neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and other specialists who will analyze your injuries or illness. If manufacturer defects caused your injuries, we have leading engineers, mechanics, metallurgists and other experts to study the evidence in your case to reveal the truth. Contact us as soon as possible. We will use all of our resources to fight on your behalf.

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