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Seeking a Relentless Lawyer After you have been Injured on the Job? Call our Experience Personal Injury Attorneys in L.A.

While some California work injury cases are completely straightforward, there are many instances where legal complexity is unavoidable. There are also many injuries that happen at work sites that seem to be minor but later develop into life-altering medical complications. If you have been injured on the job, you should report it immediately to a supervisor or manager. Then you should contact your allies at the Power Legal Group. We are relentless lawyers and tenacious advocates for our clients.

Maybe your employer has provided everything you need to recover medically and financially. Maybe the workers’ compensation process has worked perfectly. More likely, however, you are finding the process a struggle. Many workers in California and injured employees throughout Los Angeles are unaware that their rights may be violated after they are injured on the job. Call lawyers who understand your challenges and know how to help you overcome them. We will aggressively pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

When you call us for a free consultation about your work related injury, you will speak directly with one of our two lead attorneys. No matter the complexity of your case, we have answers. We accept work injury cases on contingency: you owe us no money unless we win for you.

Involved in an On-the-Job Accident in LA? Attorneys at Power Legal are Ready to Fight for you

At the Power Legal Group, you will find lawyers who can help you pursue maximum compensation. Often in on-the-job accident cases, the financial support offered to an injured employee is not fair. Other times, the process is made so complex that having a helpful attorney assist you with the system is essential. The compensation offered may not make up for your missed work days and lost income. We will identify ways of seeking maximum compensation for you rather than a low ball or bare minimum that your employer’s insurance company may offer. Call us if you have experienced any of the following:

Car accident while performing work-related duties
Catastrophic injury in a factory or industrial setting
Construction site accident while working as a sub-contractor
Illness resulting from exposure to toxic fumes or chemicals at work
Injurious treatment by management at your workplace
Loss of limbs or other serious injury from farm equipment
Pain and suffering resulting from negligent security or an unsafe work environment
Slip and fall while at your place of employment
Wrongful or premature death as the result of workplace conditions
Unfortunately, the list of ways that an employee can be injured in California is very long. Regardless of how you were injured and no matter how complex your situation may appear, our attorneys may be able to get you justice and compensation after a catastrophe at work.

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