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What Bicyclists Should Do in Hit-and-Run Accidents

In the case of a hit and run accident, what is a bicyclist to do? There are several important things to keep in mind at all times. One of those things is to contact an experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney.

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with a hit and run accident on your bike. A hit and run is bad enough in a car, but add to that the vulnerability of a bike rider, and the confusion of the moment compounds exponentially.

However, if you’re able to keep your wits about you, try remember your three P’s:


It’ll be easier if you can identify the offending party. If you’re able to take pictures of the license plate, do. If you’re able to memorize the license plate, do.


It’ll be easier if you have witnesses. Ask anyone nearby for their contact info for later, and ask if they’d be willing to make a statement or testify on your behalf.

A note for pedestrians: if you ever witness a bicycle accident where the other party runs without stopping to exchange info, you would be doing that bicyclist a great favor to help them take photos and talk to other witnesses. You can also help them call the police or an ambulance.


Contact the police and make an official report. Give the facts of the incident to the best of your ability.

Don’t embellish your story — the facts are strong enough, and anyway, you don’t want to have to explain any falsities later. Stick to facts: the location, the time, the road situation, intersection lights, right of way, etc.

Then there are steps to take following a hit and run accident…

Medical Attention

The first thing to do is to seek medical attention!

Our advice is always to get treatment right away, even if you think you might not need it. But chances are you’re more injured than you realize; the mind has a funny way of denying injuries immediately after the body sustains them, especially if you’re dealing with the added stress of a hit-and-run situation.

Save all medical paperwork, prescriptions, bottles, etc. Follow all medical advice you receive, and keep all appointments you make. (NOT doing this can seriously harm your case; it is perceived by other parties as though you aren’t taking this seriously, which can limit the amount of your payout.)

Contact a Bike Crash Attorney in L.A.

The Power Legal Group has extensive experience in bicycle accidents, and dealing with hit-and-runs in particular.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a hit-and-run while riding your bicycle, contact us and we’ll set you up with a free consultation to see how we can get you the full amount of money you’re owed.

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