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What Happens When a Dog Bites a Walker?

It is extremely important to know what to do after dog attack.

Here are the proper steps to take if a dog walker is attacked.

What Are the Rules in California?

There is a basic rule in the state of California that pertains to this and says that somebody who works with dogs should know the risks that pertain to working with dogs.  There are certain exceptions such as if the owner knew that the dog was dangerous and did not come forth with that information. Power Legal Group can help with these cases and educate on what comes next.

Does That Same Rule Go For Dog Walkers?

Basically, this rule applies to anyone that works in a professional setting with dogs.  Some workers that this applies to are vets, animal control workers, professional walkers, and groomers.  If you are doing a favor and walking someone else’s dog, this rule will probably not apply to you. This usually will only apply if a dog walker is attacked in a non-professional setting.

How to Sue For a Dog Bite in California.

If you do not walk dogs professionally and are attacked, there are things that you can consider before you sue.  You need to make sure that the person that you are suing actually owns the dog themselves. You also need to make sure that you were actually bitten in the attack and have had damages.  If you are attacked in a professional setting, you need to make sure that the owner already knew of the dangerous history of the dog.  

What Can You Get Back From Being Attacked By a Dog? 

You can receive some damages when a dog walker is attacked.  Some of the things that can be received in a dog attack are medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning capacity.  If there are some serious injuries or even death, families can receive some compensation.

Who Can Get Sued?

In a dog attack, the owner is not the only one that can get sued.  There is a chance that you can sue the owner’s homeowner liability insurer.  If the dog was a working dog, there is a chance that you might be able to sue the employer.  This is why it is important to consult a lawyer so that you know what to do after dog attack.

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