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To Uber or Not To Uber? That Is The Question

You’ve probably heard of Uber—the smartphone app that allows you to call a cab to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. It’s a widely adopted use of modern technology, and it’s very, very popular, especially in metropolitan areas.

But unlike traditional cab companies, who put their drivers through intense training, Uber’s process for hiring drivers is a tad hazy. You simply don’t know the extent of their training or background check.

Since Uber was founded in 2009, the company has been a huge success. In fact, multiple taxi companies have taken strike against Uber, sometimes turning ugly. There have been horror stories about customers sitting inside an Uber vehicle while competitors attack from the outside.

Additionally, there are stories of wrongful deaths caused by reckless Uber drivers—such as the case of Syed Muzaffer. Syed Muzaffer was a driver for Uber back in 2014. He killed a six-year-old girl in a shocking crosswalk accident.

He was already convicted for reckless driving before the incident. But, apparently Uber didn’t notice his history before they hired him. They also refused to take responsibility for the accident because the incident “did not involve a vehicle or provider doing a trip on the Uber system.” However, Syed was in-fact using the Uber app at the time.

Muzaffer is only one of many Uber drivers who have caused harm to innocent civilians.

If you or a loved one have suffered from personal injury due to reckless driving, assault or harassment by an Uber driver, you will need a personal injury attorney.

Personal injury attorneys are trained to treat cases where someone else has injured you.  They are highly trained to stand up against large insurance companies. Insurance companies will go out of their way to make sure your injury doesn’t count, but the law says otherwise.

Moreover, a company such as Uber may simply ignore your complaints and deny liability for the incident-like when an Uber driver physically abused James Alva during a racist rampage. Uber didn’t even offer Alva an apology.

Pursuing a claim against Uber is not an easy task and you must be ready to fight for justice. Uber has tried its hardest to eliminate its liability because they call their drivers “independent contractors.” Don’t believe us? Read their terms of service.

If you have been involved in an accident like the ones listed above, you owe it to yourself to hire a personal injury attorney. Most personal injury attorneys won’t charge you until you have received compensation for your injury. Take action and explore your options.

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