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Tips on How You Can Help Your Car Accident Attorney Get the Best Settlement Possible

Getting the best settlement possible for your car accident case is the main goal of your attorney. It should be your goal as well. When you and your attorney are both on the same page, you can work together to secure the optimal reward for your case. You’re going to need that money, for anything from medical and rehab bills to prescriptions and time off work.

You may not realize this, but you can actually contribute to the success of your own auto accident case. The success of your case depends in large part on your collaboration, communication and participation. Without your involvement, your lawyer can only do so much.
Tips on How You Can Help Your Car Accident Attorney Get the Best Settlement Possible
That’s why we’ve compiled these tips on how you can help your car accident lawyers in Los Angeles get the best settlement possible.

Provide as Much Information as Possible

The first step in helping your auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles is by furnishing ALL the necessary and relevant information that surrounds your case. This will ensure that your lawyer has all events and details, with not a single thing missing. It’s always better to give more than you need to, as it could help out your case in ways you aren’t aware of.

Basic Information

Provide your complete background information, including your birth date, email address, employer address, salary and other pertinent information. Describe the accident in detail,  providing a written description that includes:

  • When, where and how the incident took place. Don’t forget the date and time.
  • Details about your car, such as make and model, plate number and registered owner.
  • The area of your vehicle that was damaged as well as the other vehicle.
  • Information about any witnesses and their contact numbers.
  • Information about the auto shop where you plan to bring your car for repairs.
  • The hospital where you received treatment.
  • The names and contact information of all doctors and healthcare professionals involved in your treatment.

You will also want to give your lawyer a copy of your driver’s license and your health insurance card. Obtain all insurance and personal information about the other driver, and provide that to your lawyer as well. Get a copy of the police report for your lawyer if there is one. This will save time.

Auto Insurance Policy Limits

Your car accident lawyers in Los Angeles should have a copy of the declaration page of your auto insurance. This will help them better understand your insurance policy limits. If you don’t have this document in your possession, request a copy from your agent.

Take Photographs

Photographs are the best evidence you can offer in your case, as they offer irrefutable proof of injuries, vehicle damage and accident scene conditions. Submit these photos, stamped with the date and time they were taken, to your attorney. If you have video, submit that too.

Proof of Loss of Earnings

If you are making a loss of earnings claim, give your attorney:

  • Contact information for your employer
  • Your job title
  • Salary
  • Summary of your job duties, including any physical demands
  • Any notes and directives from the emergency room or your doctor regarding taking time off work
  • A list of the dates and hours you missed as a result of the accident

Medical Examination and Bills

If you require medical treatment, seek it out right away. Document your injuries. Follow up on all subsequent appointments, from medical examinations to rehab visits. These are essential for documentation and reporting purposes. Your attorney will evaluate the extent of the injury that you have sustained, which will be critical in deciding how much compensation to ask for.

Keep copies of all medical documents, including doctor visit bills and pharmacy bills. Submit these to your car accident lawyers in Los Angeles. It’s a good idea to have a file folder dedicated to your case where you can just pop documentation into whenever you get it. Take this folder to any meetings with your attorney and share anything pertinent to the case.

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