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New Traffic Laws Take Effect in Los Angeles Beginning 2017

It is safe to say the average Angeleno spends a good portion of their day getting to the places they need to go, whether in a car, or on a bike, or riding public transportation. We’re a city on the move at all times.

And now, with the change from 2016 to 2017, we have new California traffic laws affecting mandatory child restraints, increased penalties for DUI, and restricting the use of electronic devices while operating a vehicle. It is imperative residents familiarize themselves with the new regulations taking effect at the start of 2017. Read up so you don’t miss what’s new:

Mandatory Child Safety Seats

Beginning January 1, 2017, all children under the age of two or smaller than 40 inches will be required to be placed in a proper rear-facing safety seat. The previous requirement mandating children under the age of eight to be seated and restrained in age-appropriate safety seats still remains in effect as well. So parents who intend to continue dropping off their children before commuting to work must ensure they use proper child restraints to avoid ticketing.

Use of Electronic Devices While Driving

Los Angeles drivers will no longer be able to use or hold any electronic device while operating a vehicle starting this year. Further, the new law states that any dashboard mounted device be or measure less than seven inches if placed on the front passenger’s side of the vehicle and five inches if mounted on the driver’s side.

Increased Penalties for DUI Convictions

Those found guilty of a DUI in 2017 will face the additional penalty of having an ignition locking device installed in their vehicle before being allowed to drive with a restricted license or before receiving a reinstated license. The new law does remove the suspension period previously applied to offenders given they install an ignition locking device in their vehicle.

Motorcycle Lane Sharing is More Clearly Defined

The previous law regarding lane splitting remains unchanged but the new addition clarifies the definition of lane sharing while continuing to allow motorcyclists to do so safely.

Increased Safety Measures for Bus Operation

Additional laws have been made to ensure the safety of passengers of chartered tour buses and children in school buses. The law states that all buses transporting children to and from schools be equipped with a child safety alert system and all schools develop measures to ensure no child is left unattended on a vehicle. All chartered buses are required to have operational emergency lighting systems.

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