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Most Police Dog Bite Victims Are Blacks, Latinos

According to a new report released recently, an overwhelming majority of police dog bite victims in Los Angeles County are blacks or Latinos.The report was released by the Police Assessment Resource Center, and claims that there are far too many victims of police dog bites in Los Angeles County, and too many of those victims are either by blacks or Latinos.

According to protocol, a police dog must run down a suspect and hold him down, until officers arrive at the scene. However, now it has become a common practice for police to order the dog to bite, and hold onto the suspect until police officers arrive at the scene.Obviously, these kinds of bites result in more severe injuries to the suspect, because of the attempts to free himself from the dog.

The report only focuses on victims of dog bites involving police dogs. However, in a civilian environment, just about everybody is a potential target for a dog bite. It doesn’t matter what color you are, or what race you belong to. There is simply no discrimination involved when it comes to a potential dog bite attack.

However, age of a person may have a lot to do with the potential for a dog bite. Children continue to remain some of the biggest victims of dog bites in the United States and in the Los Angeles County.

Many dog bites involving children can be prevented by teaching children to be cautious around strange dogs, instead of being overly friendly as is child nature. Attacks involving humans are a little trickier to prevent. Often, these attacks are unwarranted or unprovoked, and there is very little that could have been done to help avoid the attack.

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