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Helping Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys Win Slip & Fall Cases

It’s all fun and games until someone slips and falls.

Sometimes it’s just not your fault, and there is no way you could have avoided the fall. In cases like these you may be able to take legal action against the owner or the person responsible for the accident.

However, one must have enough evidence to hold someone else liable for your personal injury.

Determining liability is the most important part of a slip and fall case. The owner of the premises, their insurance and their attorneys will try to hold you responsible for your fall.

And personal injury attorneys need your help. Here’s what you generally must prove to win a slip and fall injury case:

  • Firstly, one must be able to prove that there were no warning signs or acts of prevention. If you fell in an area cautioned off, you won’t have any way of winning your case. However, if you can show that there was no effort made to warn people of the area, you’ll have a strong case. Take pictures of the region, of the walls and of the exact spot the accident took place.
  • After you have taken pictures of the scene, ask a supervisor if they keep track of dangerous spots on the property. They must have some kind of proof that they check the property on a regular basis. Their negligence may have caused your fall. It is the property owner’s responsibility to uphold a safe environment.
  • Find out if the property owner knew about this dangerous condition or area. If the owner had no plans to fix it, you have a chance to use this against them.
  • You must prove that you had a legitimate reason for being on the grounds. Does the owner know that someone will walk through the area?
  • If your accident involved an object, was the object there for a reason? Can you prove it was left there due to pure carelessness? If you tripped on the object, you must be able to prove that the object could have been removed to avoid your accident.

Some of us are clumsier than others. And accidents do happen. However, a slip and fall incident may not be your fault. Make sure you cover your bases, and acquire all the information you need to win your case. This will make it easier for your personal injury attorney.

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