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Key Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Being the victim of a vicious dog attack can leave emotional and physical scars that can stay with you for a very long time. If a dog bite has left you permanently disfigured and psychologically affected for life, you deserve compensation for your ordeal. Animals are wild by nature and even the most trained and docile dogs can and do go on the attack. Sometimes dogs are bred by their owners to be vicious. In either case, their teeth and claws are considered dangerous weapons. This is why those owners need to be held accountable for the aggression displayed by their pets.

Whether you were victimized yourself or witnessed your child or other loved one endure a traumatizing attack, it’s important you consult with a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles right away to increase your chances of securing fair compensation. Our experienced lawyers work with dog bite lawsuits every day and will do whatever we can to hold the dog owner responsible.

Every day in this country, about 1,000 people seek care in emergency rooms for serious dog bite injuries. Each year, 9,500 people are hospitalized for those injuries and 900 die, according to If you or a loved one have been impacted by a dog bite, we can help you. Let’s explore the key benefits of hiring a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles to handle your case.
Key Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Expert Negotiation Skills

Most people fear negotiations due to the conflict, tenacity and diligence it takes to do it right. But a dog bite lawyer handles these types of cases for a living and has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. While you may likely be confused over whether the settlement offered by your insurance company is fair, your attorney knows it isn’t and can fight for more. Just because you received an offer from the insurance company doesn’t mean you should accept it. An experienced attorney can review the offer and counter with the amount you truly deserve. Often times, this process can go back and forth several times until the right amount is agreed on. If you don’t have the time, patience, follow through or resources to push repeatedly for what you deserve, you’re best off hiring a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles to do this for you. Another bonus: because of our track record of perseverance, insurance companies fear us. This puts us in a good negotiating position right out of the gate.

Vast Legal Knowledge

Likewise, the general public doesn’t have a firm grasp of the intricacies of California law. Those laws are extremely complex, and it’s our full-time job to know them inside and out. You likely have your own job you’re trying to keep up with, especially in light of your recent injuries. You’re also dealing with a lot on your plate as you try to recover from your attack or nurse your loved one back to health. An experienced attorney understands how to interpret the laws and use that knowledge to help you make a fair recovery.


With the prevalence of online legal sites these days, everyone thinks they know how to successfully negotiate their own case. However, the truth is, online resources can be helpful but they can’t replace personal, professional experience. Dog bite lawyers handle these types of cases every single day. Chances are, they’ve seen a similar case to yours this week alone. They can use those case studies and examples to educate you on the process, show you what to expect and get the full compensation you deserve.


Filing a dog bite claim on your own can be scary and overwhelming. You will likely have a lot of questions and concerns that can’t be answered by the Internet or well-meaning friends and family. An attorney who deals with these cases on a daily basis is backed by the knowledge, experience and confidence necessary to put your fears to rest and answer your questions. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

Access to Resources

When you hire a dog bite lawyer, you’re actually hiring a team of people who all contribute to your case. There may be a lead attorney, as well as a paralegal who does all the research and investigators who help collect evidence for your case. If it takes your lawyer a whole team of people to successfully handle your case, this shows you that you shouldn’t ever go it alone.
Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Personal Advocate

Everyone wants to feel as though someone’s on their side. The ultimate job of your lawyer is to work on your behalf to ensure you get the settlement amount you truly deserve in line with your injuries. The other part of the goal is to prosecute the at-fault party so that this situation never happens to another person. Having a personal advocate fighting for you means they won’t rest until the dog owner is brought to justice in an effort to protect the public.

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