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June 20th: Motorcycles Everywhere, Be Cautious!

June 20th is a very special day. It’s Ride to Work Day, and that means motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles!

What is Ride to Work Day?

The third Monday in June is National Ride to Work Day. It started in 1992 to highlight motorcycles as an alternative to other modes of transportation. In 2000, an official charitable organization was incorporated, and the movement has spread internationally.

Motorcycle enthusiasts ride their motorcycles to work during this event to highlight the number of motorcycle riders from all walks of life. They can reduce congestion on the roads as well as parking problems in major cities. (And if you live in Los Angeles, you know a thing or two about trouble finding parking…)

Participants in Ride to Work Day are showing the general public as well as politicians that motorcycles are important to the social good of the world, and motorcycles are not just for recreation.

But motorcycles are just about the most dangerous mode of transportation. It’s important for everyone on the road — car drivers, truck drivers, and motorcyclists alike — to watch out and think about the safety of others.

Driving with Care on Your Motorcycle

If you plan on participating in Ride to Work Day in June, understand that to make a statement about motorcycles being a viable alternative transportation, there must be care taken on the road.

Make sure you are as visible as possible on the road. Wear bright clothing as well as a helmet that can be seen.

Avoid riding in a car’s blind spot. Don’t assume that other vehicle’s drivers can see you.

When making turns, use the appropriate signals and watch for debris, sand or wet leaves in the road. A turn can result in a slide if the pavement isn’t clear.

It goes without saying: wear your helmet. California law requires it. No exceptions. Even with helmets, it’s a fact that there’s a risk of serious brain injury or even death in a motorcycle accident. Without a helmet, your risk factor increases dramatically.

For the Rest of Us: Watch for Motorcycles While Driving

While motorcycle riders should be careful on their bikes, auto drivers should also be vigilant while driving.

Before making a lane change or a turn, check all your mirrors and use your turn signal long before you plan to make a turn. Motorcycles can accelerate quickly, which means that motorcycle riders need to see your intentions before you make a lane change or a turn.

Stay a safe distance from a motorcycle on the road in front of you. Bikes can brake quickly, and the riders might need to avoid a problem on the road that a car wouldn’t need to avoid.

Hang up the phone while driving. Make sure you aren’t being distracted. Distracted driving is a serious problem on the roads, and it causes a high percentage of accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, when a car and a motorcycle are involved in an accident, the motorcycle rider can often be blamed. Even when the motorcycle rider has serious injuries caused by the driver of the car, people are predisposed to believe that the motorcycle was being reckless.

In reality, motorcycle riders are some of the safest drivers. They aren’t talking on phones or distracted or reckless while on the road. And given the nature of motorcycles themselves, it’s the motorcyclists who wind up with much larger medical bills.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, call your Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Power Legal Group. If you’re a responsible motorcycle rider, we can help you get the maximum compensation owed for damages, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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