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How to Choose the Correct Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

Choose the Correct Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case
Seeking personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles among a sea of lawyers can be overwhelming, especially when paired with the pain you’re going through. You’ll need to consider a variety of factors, from reputation and duration of service to track record and skill level. Approaching the process methodically will help you narrow down the possibilities to the most qualified personal injury firm for your needs.

Whether you were bit by the neighbor’s dog or were hit while crossing a sidewalk, you need to retain the services of a law firm that puts your best interests first and aggressively pursues your case. In fact, selecting the correct attorney often means the difference between a successful outcome and an unfair one. If you’re like most people who are injured, you likely don’t have much experience hiring a lawyer. Let us help. Here are some things to keep in mind when doing your research.

Be Wary of Solicitations

While not exactly legal or ethical, there are many lawyers and their agents who hang out in court rooms, hospitals and police stations to grab whatever court filings and accident reports they can get their hands on to help them pinpoint potential clients. You may have even gotten such a solicitation in the mail already from a law firm. Take any promises they make with a grain of salt. How can those lawyers possibly know the exact details of your case? They’re just betting that you will call them.

These are generic or form letters designed to lure potential clients into getting in touch. However, successful lawyers don’t need to rely on such practices. You should choose someone as a result of their reputation in the community that speaks for itself.

Settle vs. Trial

About 95 percent of personal injury lawsuits never go to trial, and are settled outside court instead. But some cases can even be resolved without filing a lawsuit. Good personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles will do their research and collect enough medical and factual information to convince the defendant and insurance company to settle instead of wasting time and money with the formalities.

Interview Many Firms

Most people don’t take advantage of the free resources that are available to them when facing a personal injury case. These are the same people who wouldn’t dare buy a car or even a major appliance without doing their research. Most lawyers, including Power Legal Group, offer free initial consultations. Take this opportunity to outline the situation to a few different firms and get feedback. What you glean from these sessions will help you determine which personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to go with. Also, many firms, Power Legal included, offer live chat services on their websites for added convenience.

Straight Answers

As an injury victim, it’s natural for you to want quick resolution to the case. However, sometimes PI cases, especially those with extensive injuries, several witnesses and a complicated investigation, can take months or years to resolve. Good lawyers will tell you this up front and not make false promises. This doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with general information based on prior cases, but just don’t expect anything written in stone.

Available Resources

The Right Personal Injury Attorney To Choose For Your Case
Some personal injury lawyers work largely on their own, with the assistance of a paralegal. Others share case loads with other lawyers on the team. Ask who will be the main point of contact for you case and what resources are available to get you the best outcome possible. Your personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles should have vast resources to explore all aspects of your case, including details about the accident itself, the extent of your injuries and financial losses. They should have the resources to hire accident reconstruction experts and meet with your doctors and specialists to estimate your future medical expenses.

Answering Questions

During your consultation, be sure to ask these questions.

  • What is your experience with handling personal injury cases, and mine in particular?
  • How much of my case will you handle personally? Who else will be working on it? Who should I call with questions?
  • Have you dealt with cases involving my specific injury before?
  • What is a typical settlement range for injury cases like mine?
  • How much do you charge if the case is won or settled?
  • What out-of-pocket costs do I have to budget for?
  • Will you take my case to trial if necessary?

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