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Break These Los Angeles Bicycle Safety Laws and You Could Get Fined — or Worse, Injured

Bicycle road rules exist for our safety. Breaking them endangers not only yourself but also those around you.

Safety laws for bicyclists in Los Angeles are very carefully considered. This is a city of roads, streets, highways and all other kinds of places for wheeled vehicles to operate.

With millions of people living and moving about, safety is a major, major concern, and that includes bicycle safety. And because the laws are taken seriously, so is enforcement.

Basic Bicycle Laws

Break these basic rules and you could be fined…or worse, you could get into a serious accident!

You may not ride your bike with both ears occupied by earphones, earbuds, headphones, or other audio input accessories. You must maintain at least one ear open.

Distracted Riding
Smartphoning while riding — texting, social media, etc. — is never allowed. As with driving, distractions from handheld devices can sometimes have deadly consequences.

There are three types of distraction that can impair a rider’s ability to move safely: visual distraction, manual distraction and mental distraction. Using a smartphone involves all three.

Bike Brakes
You must have a brake on at least one wheel strong enough make the wheel skid along dry pavement.

Riding on Sidewalks
Whether biking is allowed on sidewalks varies city by city. But at all times you must ride safely, and you must always yield to pedestrians. A crowded sidewalk is not a safe place to ride a bicycle, and the interpretation of “safe” riding is up to a judge or jury if you wind up in an accident.

Laws for Night Riding

Night riding is incredibly dangerous, and these laws guarantee an absolute minimum of safety regulations for bicyclists as well as motorists.

  • You must activate a white front lamp bright enough to be visible from at least 300 feet away.
  • Your bike must have a red rear safety reflector, visible from 500 feet behind when shining light onto it.
  • You must have white or yellow reflectors either on the bike pedals or your ankles.
  • You must have white or yellow reflectors on each side of the bike’s front half, and white or red reflectors on each side of the bike’s rear half.

The more visible the bicyclist is, the lower the likelihood of nighttime collisions.

Obviously Recommended: A Helmet.

It’s not a law that you must wear it…but common sense says you should. Brain injuries are incredibly serious things.

If you’ve been injured in a collision, whether in daylight or at night, speak with a bike accident attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

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