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Power Legal Group, bicycle accident lawyer Culver City, is the go-to source for any legal needs!

Aggressive Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Culver City

At Power Legal Group, we pride ourselves on working for all of California including a prime location for us in Culver City.  Bicycle accident cases can get very complex and that’s why you need an experienced bicycle accident lawyer Culver City.  Oftentimes, catastrophic injuries come from bicycle accidents and we are experienced with extreme cases and injuries.

Injury Attorneys At Hand

Bicycle accident lawyer Culver City knows how many negligent drivers are on the road causing accidents.  Many bicycle accident injuries are extremely severe, meaning that you need someone to fight for you to receive the necessary compensation. These injuries may result in not being able to ever ride a bicycle. You may even find yourself paralyzed and having to completely transform your life as you know it. Going to the hospital for injuries is one thing, but your life having to completely change because of someone else’s negligence is completely unacceptable.

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Insurance Companies?

Insurance from you and the other party involved in the accident is a must.   Insurance companies will usually give you an offer quickly and then just leave it at that.  These insurance companies often low ball you and aim to give you less than you need.  Negotiating compensation on your own is never recommended.  It is hard to know what you need if you do not have years of experience fighting for people in cases like this.  

There is no way to know how much you will need if you haven’t seen a similar situation.  There are so many costs that are never even calculated when giving out an offer.  This is why you need an aggressive lawyer to do the negotiating for you. Insurance companies will never give you a good offer because their job is to give you the least amount possible  Let bicycle accident lawyers help you and work for you and fight for you.

How Much Compensation Can You Get?

Your free consultation will involve us asking you details about what happened and you will describe everything that you can remember. If we want to take action legally, we will put together an independent investigation to go through what happened and figure out what to do next.  Hire an aggressive and innovative lawyer to take on your case and fight for you!

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