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bicycle accident lawyer Santa Monica

Power Legal Group, bicycle accident lawyer Santa Monica, is here to serve all of Southern California!

The Go-To Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Santa Monica

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Here at Power Legal Group, we pride ourselves on being the go-to bicycle accident lawyer Santa Monica and serving all of California.  Our team here is experienced in taking on bicycle accident cases and is ready to take on your case no matter how complex.  We are also experienced in the most catastrophic injuries that come from bicycle accidents and are here to guide you through the process.  

Go-To Injury Attorneys

Our bicycle accident lawyer Santa Monica understands that irresponsible drivers are the reason for numerous bicycle accidents. Because the injuries can be substantial, you must hire an aggressive attorney that will not take no for an answer. Your injuries may be so severe that you will never be able to ride a bicycle again. You may even end up in a wheelchair and not be able to work anymore. Not only made your bicycle accident lead to going to the hospital immediately but, you may need to completely change your life because of the injuries that you have received.

What About Insurance?

Obviously, insurance is going to get involved, yours and the other parties’ that are involved. Most times, they will simply make you one offer, and then there will be nothing after that.  Their offer is never enough and is never how much compensation you actually need.  You can try to negotiate on your own, but it is almost never recommended. The insurance companies will do their best to trick you into thinking that their offer will be substantial enough because their goal is to compensate you as little as possible.  If you want to be taken care of for the long-term after the accident, then you will need to hire an aggressive bicycle accident attorney to take on your case and make sure that the insurance companies do not try and trick you into taking their minimal offer.  

Can You Get Maximum Compensation?

During your free consultation, we will listen and ask questions about everything that happened with your accident. If there is legal action that needs to be taken, we will get together all the information about the situation and your injuries and conduct an independent investigation to find out the cause and nature of the injuries.    

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