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5 Quick Tips for Cinco de Mayo Safety

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Los Angeles!

We all know what a fun day this can be, especially when it falls on a Friday. And by all means, celebrate with friends and family.

But be extra careful out there – because there’s bound to be a big number of people who aren’t being careful out there.

Read through these safety tips to help prevent accidents and injuries tonight, and share these with everyone you know!

5 Quick Tips for Cinco de Mayo Safety:

  1. Get your group a designated driver. And let that designated driver know you appreciate them by picking up the tab for their meal and non-alcoholic drinks.
  2. Know your limit, and make sure your friends know your limit. Don’t let them talk you into one more drink…or two more…or three more. Be strong, be smart, and be safe.
  3. Water and time are the only things that will help get rid of the effects of alcohol. Coffee doesn’t work, so don’t assume you can drink past safety and then grab a quick cup of joe and jump behind the wheel.
  4. Plan your transportation in advance. Taxi? Uber? Lyft? Walking? Driving? Know how you’re going to get somewhere, and know how you’re going to get home. Plan well so there are no surprises.
  5. Party at home. The absolute best way to avoid drunk drivers is to stay away from the streets entirely. Have your friends over, or go to a friend’s residence. Crash on a couch if you need to. Let them crash on your couch. Drive only when it’s safe – both for you and everyone else.

The more people in town we have following this advice, the safer we’ll all be!

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