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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Dog Bite Attorney

A dog attack is a savage, unexpected, traumatic event that results in much more than just physical pain and scars. Such an attack can leave deep emotional scars as well. For children especially, this can lead to a life-long phobia of canines. If you’re facing this unthinkable situation, you may want to hire a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles who can help you get what you deserve after an unfortunate incident.
3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Dog Bite Attorney
About 1,000 people end up in U.S. emergency rooms due to serious dog bites every year. About 9,500 result in hospitalizations, and 900 result in fatalities, according to DogsBite.org. If you or a loved one have been impacted by a dog bite injury, we can help.

Here are three reasons why you should hire a dog bite attorney. Such lawyers can:

1.      Handle all the Negotiations for You

In a dog bite case, there are two primary parties involved: the dog owner and the insurance company. Negotiating directly with either one can be fraught with frustration and anger, which is why you need a lawyer to handle all the negotiations. He or she will know when a settlement offer is fair, and when it isn’t. If it’s not, he or she will go to bat for you again and again until you get a fair amount of compensation.

An experienced dog bite attorney will carefully pore over each offer, take note of its deficiencies, and counter with the amount you need. This process is often a back-and-forth volley between both parties many times over. A good attorney won’t back down until completely satisfied the amount compensates you fairly.

When you don’t have the time, patience, follow-through or resources to push for what you want in the face of adversity, hiring a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles is a good idea.

2.      Provide Access to Resources

When you hire a dog bite lawyer in LA, you’re essentially hiring a whole team of people dedicated to resolving your case and keeping you apprised of progress every step of the way. You’ll have one lead attorney, a paralegal to handle research and legwork, and investigators to collect evidence. They’ll also connect you with medical professionals who will examine you, document your injuries, and make sure you get the best possible surgical and medical care to treat those injuries.

Think about it: if your lawyer requires a whole team of people to adequately and thoroughly handle your case, how could you realistically handle it on your own?

You also get access to expertise that has been honed over the years. Because California laws regarding dog bites are complex, you need someone whose full-time job it is to know them inside and out, backwards and forwards. If it’s all you can do to show up to work while nursing your injuries, it’s nearly impossible to handle a complex lawsuit on your own. Your attorney is the one who should be interpreting the laws and using that knowledge to assist you in gaining a fair recovery.

3.      Become Your Personal Advocate

It’s comforting to know you have someone on your side when going through such a traumatizing time. You’re faced with the uncertainty of disfigurement, possibly with reconstructive surgery to repair your wounds, and on top of all that you may not know how you are going to pay for all the surgical and medical bills.

The job of a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles is to work diligently on your behalf to ensure you get a settlement amount that’s in line with your injuries. The other part of their job is to prosecute the at-fault party so that a similar situation doesn’t happen to anyone else. In essence, they become your personal crusader fighting for you – one who won’t rest until the dog owner is held accountable and they can be assured the public is protected from future injustices.

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