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Who Exactly Is Responsible in a Bike Accident Lawsuit?

Money is available to help pay for injuries and damages from a bicycle accident. The Los Angeles bike accident lawyers at the Power Legal Group can help get it for you!

Every bicycle accident in Los Angeles happens at its own unique time and place, with its own unique set of circumstances. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of who’ll compensate you for your injuries, property damage, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering.

But there is one consistent action bike accident victims in Los Angeles can take, and that’s to call the Power Legal Group. We are experienced in a wide variety of bicycle accidents, and we’ve helped a wide variety of clients. We know how to find responsible parties, and we know how to get them to compensate victims to the full amount they owe.

Who do we typically deal with in a bike accident lawsuit?

Insurance Companies

There are generally two parties in your accident: you, and the driver that hit you. That means there usually are two policies that will be vigorously protected.

Neither your insurance company nor the other party’s insurance company will want to pay any more than they have to. Remember, for-profit insurance companies operate in a system that maximizes profits, and one way they do that is by paying out the bare minimum they can get away with. So they’ll use whatever tactics they have to in order to pass the buck. They may each claim that the other is responsible for the losses, and they will likely both make inadequate offers.


Suing the driver of the vehicle is generally our first choice. Many people simply don’t have the cash to pay out of their own pocket. Other people try to hide their assets. So it’s important to conduct a thorough asset search when adequate insurance is not available.

Corporate Vehicle Owners

Corporations and entities like rental companies, car share companies, taxi companies, and upstart businesses like Uber or Lyft will have some amount of responsibility in many cases, though it’s going to be determined on a case by case basis. This is where it can get extremely complex, involving not just an insurance company but a vehicle company that also knows transportation laws.

They’ll have their own versions of the story and their own sets of lawyers to protect their interests. Here especially you’ll need help from an experienced bike accident attorney.

Your Best Bet: Call the Power Legal Group, PC

Don’t fight the red tape and legal maneuverings of powerful, big-money corporations on your own! Let the Power Legal Group, PC do the hard part while you recover from your injuries and get back to work.

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There are generally two parties in your accident: you, and the driver that hit you…

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