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The Attorneys of the Power Legal Group: Devoted to Winning with a Relentless Commitment to Clients

If you have been involved in a car crash on a Los Angeles freeway, have been bitten by a dog, suffered in a slip and fall incident or your family is grieving the wrongful death of a loved one after a catastrophe, contact the attorneys of the Power Legal Group. There are many personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. But there is only one Power Legal Group.

  • Free initial consultations and free case evaluations: Call now to speak directly with a lawyer
  • No recovery, no fee: You owe us nothing unless we win
  • Have experienced attorneys on your side: Our lead attorneys handle every case
  • Repair or replace your car: We aim to win each case we take. This means we fight to get you everything you want and need in your settlement. Why settle for less?
  • Get your medical bills paid: You should have no out of pocket costs at all 
  • Get paid for pain and suffering, lost wages, time lost from work
  • Maximum recovery: We will identify all sources of liability after your accident to absolutely maximize the amount of compensation you can obtain 

Why wait any longer? Call us now for relentless lawyers who are completely devoted to winning for you.

No Recovery, No Fee: We are Committed to Winning your Case

Whether through settlement or verdict, we dedicate ourselves to winning maximum compensation for our clients' pain and suffering. No matter the severity of your injury, no matter the complexity of your legal challenges, call us for a free evaluation about the merits of your case. Even if your case has been denied by another lawyer, contact us. We are committed to providing clear answers to your legal questions and guiding you through the legal process. Because personal injury litigation often involves an individual fighting for justice against a large insurance company or other corporations, you must have aggressive lawyers on your side. The insurance company may do everything possible to avoid paying your claim. We know how to fight back and we know how to win.

If you have missed work, had to rent a replacement vehicle, if you are suffering pain, contact us now so we can get to work for you. The sooner we become involved in your case, the sooner you will have tough litigators on your side who know how to put pressure on your opponents and get results. 

Call us now for a free, confidential and no-obligation consultation with an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.



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